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Police Athletic League

PAL Officer instructing a Teenager on Ceramic Painting

A black and white photograph of a Police Athletic League officer standing over the shoulder of a teenage woman, as she paints a ceramic sculpture.

A Police Athletic League officer instructs a teenager in ceramic sculpting, part of an expansion of PAL programs into arts programs during the 1960s. (Special Collections Research Center, Temple University Libraries)

Special Collections Research Center, Temple University Libraries

Alhough the Police Athletic League initially started as a facilitator of sports programs, by the 1960s chapters of the PAL in Philadelphia began to offer a variety of programs in the arts. In response to the expansion and the diversification of the communities they served, PAL chapters offered new programs including choir, dance, drama, photography, art, and poetry. Pictured here, a teenager receives instruction in ceramic sculpting by an officer in the Police Athletic League.

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