Encyclopedia of Greater Philadelphia

Pontiac’s War and the Paxton Boys

The Paxton Expedition

A black and white drawing of a crowd in the middle of a street. Some people are dressed in military outfits and are standing in rows, other people are dressed in civilian clothing and are in crowds watching the vents. The center of the image includes a depiction of a cannon. The people are in front of the first courthouse of Philadelphia, which has two stairways leading to the front of the brick building.

(Library of Congress)

Library of Congress

The Quakers were known for their support of pacifism, but when the Quakers stopped the Paxton Boys from attacking the Moravian Indians on Province Island, they did so using an armed militia. This political cartoon by Henry Dawkins depicts the militia that the “peaceful” Quakers organized to defend Native Americans. The cartoon caption reflects on the opinion that even peaceful Native Americans were untrustworthy and had the potential to do harm to rural Pennsylvania residents. The groups of organized militia and crowds on the street watching the events are standing around the main courthouse of Philadelphia, at Second and Market Streets.

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