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His Master’s Voice

photograph of the stained glass window of the Victor Building

One of the original 1915 stained glass windows of Nipper the dog listening to his master’s voice, the iconic image of the Victor Talking Machine Company and later RCA in North America. (Camden County Historical Society)

Camden County Historical Society

The image of a fox terrier named Nipper listening to “his master’s voice” on a gramophone, originally painted by Francis Barraud in 1899, was such a popular advertisement for the Victor Talking Machine Company in the early 1900s that it became the company logo and was often recreated in other mediums, including this fourteen-foot stained glass window. D’Ascenzo Studios in Philadelphia created four of these windows in 1915 to adorn the tower of Victor factory building seven-teen in Camden, New Jersey. The original windows stayed in place until 1968, when the RCA Corporation de-emphasized Nipper as a company logo and removed the windows. D’Ascenzo Studios recreated the stained glass windows twice: once in 1978 when RCA began to use Nipper in advertisements, and again in 2003 to replace the damaged 1978 windows. This window is one of the original 1915 windows produced by D’Ascenzo and is in the collection of the Camden County Historical Society. (Photo by William Haas)

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