Encyclopedia of Greater Philadelphia

Streetcar Suburbs

Woodland Terrace

A black and white photo of an Italianate twin mansion built as part of Woodland Terrace, West Philadelphia.

One of the earliest streetcar suburbs in Philadelphia was Woodland Terrace, designed by Samuel Sloan in 1861. It featured semi-detached Italianate row homes. (Library of Congress)

Library of Congress

One of the earliest planned streetcar suburbs was Woodland Terrace in West Philadelphia. It was designed by William Sloan in 1861 and prohibited certain disruptive businesses from operating nearby, thus preserving its peaceful residential atmosphere. Woodland Terrace extends between Baltimore and Woodland Avenues near Fortieth Street. Many of the original houses designed by Sloan, who also built nearby Hamilton Terrace, still stand. The neighborhood was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1972.

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