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The Encyclopedia of Greater Philadelphia builds from sources of many kinds, including books and articles written by scholars of the region’s history and contemporary issues.  As a public service for readers and a research tool for the next generation of scholars, we have compiled a database of many important works published since the last major overview of Philadelphia history, Philadelphia: A 300-Year History, edited by Russell F. Weigley and published in 1982.  The database also includes works listed in the “Related Reading” lists included on the topics pages of the Encyclopedia.

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To scan works included in our “Related Reading” lists, see the bibliography below. For their work in creating and maintaining the database and bibliography, we acknowledge the assistance of Lucy Davis of Rutgers-Camden; Hillary S. Kativa and Claire Bohall, formerly of Villanova University; and Tory O. Harrington, formerly of St. Joseph’s University.  This portion of our project has been supported by the Digital Studies Center of Rutgers-Camden and the University of Pennsylvania Press; technical assistance was provided by Ken Albers of the Center for History and New Media at George Mason University, Janneken Smucker of West Chester University, and Zara Wilkinson of Rutgers-Camden.

“Related Reading” Bibliography

[The bibliography is under construction.  Please click on the Zotero Library link above to gain access to the database of sources.]

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