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What would you like to know about Philadelphia and its history? Nominate a topic and tell us why you’d like to see it in The Encyclopedia of Greater Philadelphia. To submit your ideas to the editors, simply scroll to the bottom of this page.

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  1. The “irregular” ordination of the “Philadelphia Eleven” in the Episcopal Church at Church of the Advocate ( a documentary is now out on this)

    The ministry and advocacy of Fr Paul Washington at Church of the Advocate.

    The ministry of the Rt Rev Barbara Harris in Philadelphia before her election as the first female bishop in the Episcopal Church

    The ministry of The Rev Leon Sullivan and The rev William H Gray III

    Great churches and cathedrals in the greater Philadelphia area

  2. An absolute must – the PENN RELAYS – the largest track and field carnival in the world.
    History of same could include Franklin Field, and key personages such as Jumbo Elliott and
    dominance of his Villanova track program, Penn and Drexel campus, special events such as
    The NFL championship game won by Phila Eagles over Green Bay Packers. There is so much
    of great interest – that kept me in attendance for 70 years. Certainly a story worthy of a place
    In your tome. Respectfully. Bill Harrar

  3. Benjamin Lundy and The Genius of Universal Emancipation in Philadelphia 1828 (?)-1838 (?). The destruction of his abolitionist printing press in Philadelphia in 1838 the same year Pennsylvania Hall was destroyed and the Rev. Elijah Lovejoy murdered in Illinois is significant – especially given that Lundy thereafter moved to Illinois to continue his anti slavery activity.

  4. Greetings,
    Pencoyd Ironworks : Founded in 1852, at its height in the early 1900s extended for over a mile along the Schuylkill River (on both banks) and employed 1500 people. Specialists in bridge design and construction, largely for railroad loads, hundreds of Pencoyd Bridges still stand today, including the raised steel viaduct that passes through Penn and Drexel’s campus. Steel from the Ironworks can be found supporting the Chicago Loop, Brooklyn elevated trains, the Land Title Building in Phila, as well the the tunnels for the Broad Street (Orange Line). Recently at the center of a riverfront brownfield redevelopment, the Ironworks headquarters and steel from an old warehouse/craneway frame what is now Pencoyd Landing in Bala Cynwyd.

  5. History of Pennypack Park, buildings and any landmarks, throughout the length of the park, beging ing Montgomery County(Lorimr Park north and west of NE Philadelphia, down to and including where it empties into the Delaware River. . Thanx . Tony.

  6. Old City Arts a group of artists in Old City who pioneered large site specific interdisciplinary and collaborative works and work in new performance genres, the first in Philadelphia…

  7. Philadelphia labor priest and labor arbitrator Father Dennis Comey, S. J. organized a new labor school at St. Joseph’s University. Comey was active with organized labor at the city’s shipyards and docks since the mid-1930s and earned great respect for his impartiality in settling difficult labor issues. The school blended Catholic social teaching with practical classes for workers to know their rights. Eventually the school combined labor-management programs.

  8. There is a timeline of Philadelphia I just discovered.
    Likely, I came to it late. Anyway, it is good in some respects but at least its earliest 17th and 18th century dates of events are woefully inadequate (not to mention the 1753 change of calendar thing).
    This might be good for someone to do in a scholarly way.
    I’m writing about the Quaker Exile of 1777-78, so that at least must be added.

  9. DesignPhiladelphia, founded in 2005 by Hilary Jay and Jamer Hunt, is the oldest and first American design festival, and a model for others across the country. DesignPhiladelphia establishes Philadelphia as a hub for design excellence. The inititiative supports economic opportunities for local designers, and demonstrates to the public the impact of design on our everyday lives. For more information, contact me.


  11. 1940’s Black Saving & Loan …..Philadelphia
    Carver Savings & Loan…Berean Savings & Loan

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