Top Topics of 2023

As we begin a new year at The Encyclopedia of Greater Philadelphia, we invite you to revisit the most-read topics of 2023.

10 (tie). Immigration and Migration (Colonial Era), by Marie Basile McDaniel.

10 (tie). Native American-Pennsylvania Relations, 1754-89, by Timothy J. Shannon.

9. Philadelphia and Its People in Maps: The 1790s, by Paul Sivitz and Billy G. Smith.

8. Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), by Isaac Barnes May.

7. Colonial Era, by Jean R. Soderlund.

6. Row Houses, by Amanda Casper.

5. Jawn, by Damiano Consilvio and Caitlin Walker.

4. Pennsylvania (Founding), by Stephanie Grauman Wolf.

3. I’d Rather Be in Philadelphia, by Charlene Mires.

2. Broad Street Bullies, by Karen Guenther.

And the most-visited topic for the year 2023 was a perennial favorite:

1. City of Brotherly Love, by Chris Satullo.

To all of our readers, authors, editors, and staff, thank you for your continuing interest and support!


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