Call for Authors – Summer 2012

During the summer of 2012, The Encyclopedia of Greater Philadelphia seeks volunteer authors to contribute essays related to the themes of City of Neighborhoods, the Cradle of Liberty, and the Workshop of the World.

Prospective authors must have expertise in their chosen subjects demonstrated by previous publications and/or advanced training in historical research. Submissions will be peer-reviewed and published online at, and accepted essays will be eligible for inclusion in a prospective print volume with the University of Pennsylvania Press. For further information, please see Guidelines for Writers.

Please email brief expressions of interest, including a statement of your qualifications, to Charlene Mires, Do not send attachments. Graduate students, please provide the name and email address of an academic reference.

XX before a topic indicates that it is no longer available.

(XX) indicates that an author has been invited, but there is not yet a commitment. Back-up volunteers are welcome.


CITY OF NEIGHBORHOODS (Existing theme essay by Linn Washington Jr.)

Sections of the City

(Each essay to include original settlement, historical development, and changing demographics; each to be accompanied by a list of included neighborhoods)

XX Center City (1000-1500 words)
XX North Philadelphia (1000-1500 words)
XX Northeast Philadelphia (1000-1500 words) – possibly two essays, lower and upper
XX Northwest Philadelphia (1000-1500 words)
XX South Philadelphia (1000-1500 words)
XX Southwest Philadelphia (1000-1500 words)
XX West Philadelphia (1000-1500 words)

Planning and Development
City and Regional Planning (2000)
XX Consolidation Act of 1854 (1500)
XX Urban redevelopment, post-WWII (2000)

Public Transportation
Buses (750)
XX Commuter railroads (750-1000)
XX Elevated trains (500)
XX Ferries (500)
XX Omnibuses (500)
XX Public transportation (2000)
XX Streetcars, horse-drawn and electric trolleys (750-1000)
XX Subways (750)

Additional topics linked to “City of Neighborhoods” thematic essay:

“Attytood” (500)
(XX) Baseball, professional (2000)
XX Baseball, Negro leagues (1000)
XX Byberry (Phila State Hospital) (500)
XX Cheesesteaks (500)
XX City Hall (750)
Community Development Corporations (1000)
XX Free Society of Traders (500)
XX Migration, African American (1500)
Neighborhood associations (1000)
Neighborhood festivals (1000)
XX Pennhurst State School & Hospital (500)
XX Penn’s Treaty with Native Americans (Treaty of Shackamaxon) (500)
XX Sports Mascots (750)
Stadiums and Arenas (1500)
XX Soft pretzels (500)
XX The Philadelphia Negro by W.E.B. DuBois (500)
XX Wissahickon Valley (500)

CRADLE OF LIBERTY (Existing theme essay by Gary B. Nash)

XX Abolition and abolitionists (1000)
(XX) — with Underground Railroad (500)
XX American Civil Liberties Union (500)
American Revolution (1500-2000)
XX Animal Protection (750)
XX Charter of Liberties, 1701 (500)
Civil rights, African American (1500)
Civil rights, LGBT (1000)
Civil rights, Women (1000)
Civil rights, People with Disabilities (750-1000)
(XX) Constitution of the United States and Convention of 1787 (1000-1500)
XX Constitution commemorations (1887, 1937, 1987) (750-1000)
XX Declaration of Independence and Continental Congress (750-1000)
XX Election of 1870 (up to 500)
Fellowship Commission (750)
XX Free black community (1000)
XX French Revolution (500)
Haitian Revolution (500)
XX Indentured servitude (500)
XX Indian Rights Association (500)
XX Ladies Association (Sentiments of an American Woman) (500)
XX National Freedom Day (500)
XX National Negro Conventions (500)
Nativism (1000)
XX Nativist riots of 1844 (750)
XX Occupy Movement (500)
XX Pennsylvania Constitutions and Conventions (1776, 1790, and 1838) (750-1000)
XX Philadelphia as Capital of U.S. (selection and loss) (500-1000)
XX Slavery and Slave Trade (750-1000)
(XX) Spanish-American Revolutions (500)
Voting (Suffrage) (750)

WORKSHOP OF THE WORLD (Existing theme essay by Walter Licht)

Artisans (750)
XX Banking (2000)
XX Chemicals (1500)
XX Construction (1500)
Cutlery (1500)
XX Factories (1500)
XX Flour Milling (1000)
XX Food processing (1500)
–XX With Campbell Soup (250-500)
Glass (1500)
XX– With Dyott Glass Works (250-500)
XX Great Depression
XX Hats (1500)
— XX With Stetson Hats (250-500)
XX Industrial Archaeology (1000)
Industrialization (2000)
Industry, decline (2000)
(XX) Insurance (1000)
XX Iron and Steel (1500)
— With Midvale Steel (500)
(XX) Jewelry (1500)
(XX) Locomotives (750-1000)
— (XX) With Baldwin Locomotive (250-500)
Medical instruments (1500)
(XX) Metal, machine tools (1500)
(XX) Oil Refining (1000)
Organized Labor (2000)
— With General Trades Union
— XX With Intl Workers of the World (500)
— With Knights of Labor (500)
— With Strikes (1000)
Ports, Delaware River (2000)
(XX) Ports, Schuylkill (750)
XX Paints and Varnishes (1500)
XX Printing and Publishing (1500)
XX Recording industry (1500)
— (XX) With RCA (250-500)
Rugs (1500)
Saws (750-1000)
— With Disston Saw (250-500)
XX Shipbuilding (1500-2000)
Shoes (1500)
Sugar Refining (1000)
XX Taverns (1000)
(XX) Taylorism (1000)
Textiles (1500)
(XX) Trade associations (1000)

Connecting the Past with the Present, Building Community, Creating a Legacy