Philadelphia-Area Women in the Twentieth Century: What Do We Know, and What Do We Need to Know?

Greater Philadelphia Roundtable: Since World War II, Philadelphia has been a leading area in creating and sustaining cutting-edge organizations that serve and advocate for women such as the Women’s Law Project and Women’s Way, a leader in philanthropy by women for women.  Yet in the vast outpouring of history that has been written about Philadelphia, women’s experience, especially since World War II, has received very limited attention.  In a region full of women’s studies scholars, what might be done to address this gap in the historical record?  What do we know about Philadelphia-area women in the twentieth century, and what do we need to know?  This roundtable looks toward the future of women’s history research with panelists Marion Roydhouse, Philadelphia University, author of Women of Industry and Reform: Shaping the History of Pennsylvania, 1865-1940; Kris Myers, Director of Heritage and Outreach, the Alice Paul Institute; and Margaret Jerrido, Independent Archival Consultant.  Facilitator: Cindy Little, the Philadelphia History Museum at the Atwater Kent.

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