Additional Topics Suggestions

The following suggestions were submitted on comment cards during the Greater Philadelphia Roundtable program at the William Way Community Center on March 18, 2010:
– GLBT history
– Dance history
– Social life
– Barbara Gittings
– Philadelphia’s LGBT community centers – The Attic and William Way Center
– Naming of the Walt Whitman Bridge
– PA Hate Crimes Bill
– People with disabilities
– History going back 100 years of LGBT activism, including: 1959 – 1st pa Supreme Court case on gay rights and the right to convene; 1964 – Dewey’s Lunch Counter protest, first ever involving transgender rights; 1965-69 Independence Reminders.
– Transgender inclusiveness
– History of TG Activism – early protests and community formation in the 1990s and on.
– Nizah Morris case
– Evolution of TG groups from community-based organizations to professional programs, i.e., trans-health information project and trans-health conference; Mazzoni Center.
– Fair Practices Act – Gender Identity Amendment
– History of Black gay life (segregation of gay clubs and bars – Black gays stayed north of Market Street and south of Lombard St., and in African American neighborhoods because of racism and classism).
– Gay bars, drag balls, gay events (film festival, U of P speaker series [1970s], LGBT churches, dances by gay organizations [1970s]}.
– History of LGBTQ film festival; history of LGBTQ education — courses, out teachers, etc.

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