Top Ten Topics of 2021

Our most-read topics for 2021 include some perennial favorites but also a surprise winner for the year.

10. March of the Mill Children, by Gail Friedman

9. Yellow Fever, by Simon Finger

8. Nativist Riots of 1844, by Zachary M. Schrag

7. Murder of Octavius Catto, by Aaron X. Smith

6. Broad Street Bullies, by Karen Guenther

5. Row Houses, by Amanda Casper

4. City of Brotherly Love, by Chris Satullo

3. I’d Rather Be in Philadelphia, by Charlene Mires

2. Native American-Pennsylvania Relations, 1754-89, by Timothy J. Shannon

And the most-read topic of 2021 is ….

1. Scrapple, by Mary Rizzo!

Scrapple received a big boost on May 31, 2021, from a link in the New York Times from Maureen Dowd’s interview with Kate Winslett about her role in Mare of Easttown. Thanks to all of our readers who visited throughout the year.


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