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Backgrounders is our initiative to provide historical context for current events, delivered via Twitter to journalists and others who choose to follow the feed.  The Twitter feed is: https://twitter.com/Backgrounders.

If you are a journalist…
We are Tweeting links to our growing collection of essays as well as connections to other online historical resources. Please stick with us because as we grow we will increasingly be able to feed you thoroughly vetted background to breaking news.

If you work in a museum, library, archive, or historic site …
We will re-Tweet links or messages that you send us that are directly related to current events.  To get our attention, include @Backgrounders in your Tweet, or send it to @Backgrounders as a Direct Message.  If you’d like to alert us to something you’d like to do, you can also send an email to Charlene Mires, cmires@camden.rutgers.edu.  We will not be re-Tweeting publicity, such as announcements of events or exhibits, unless what you’re doing is especially topical.  For example, if issues of homelessness are in the news and you are hosting a forum on that subject, we would re-Tweet that.

If you have expertise and want to offer to be interviewed …
Send us a Direct Message or email with your contact information and we will send it out, so long as your offer relates directly to current events.  Include a link to your web site or c.v. so that we (and reporters) can verify who you are.  To see who will receive your offer, check our list of followers:

If you are a publisher or author …
We will send links to information about new books about Philadelphia and the surrounding region.  Please send a link to the publisher’s information page.

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