Top Ten Topics of 2022

Where did encyclopedia users turn the most in 2022?  Here is our annual top ten list – enjoy!

10. Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), by Isaac Barnes May

9. Jawn, by Damiano Consilvio and Caitlin Walker

8. King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, by Carolyn T. Adams

7. Colonial Era landing page, essay by Jean Soderlund

6. Native American-Pennsylvania Relations, 1754-89, by Timothy J. Shannon

5. Row Houses, by Amanda Casper

4. Native American-Pennsylvania Relations, 1681-1753, by Michael Goode

3. Broad Street Bullies, by Karen Guenther

2. I’d Rather Be in Philadelphia, by Charlene Mires

And the most-visited topic for 2022 is a longtime favorite, one of the essays that launched The Encyclopedia of Greater Philadelphia project when co-published with the Philadelphia Inquirer and WHYY:

1. City of Brotherly Love, by Chris Satullo

Happy new year!


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