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American Revolution Era

Photograph of caltrops.Wrought-iron caltrops like these, with sharp spikes, were strewn on the ground as defensive weapons during the era of the American Revolution. (Philadelphia History Museum at the Atwater Kent, Historical Society of Pennsylvania Collection, Photograph by Sara Hawken)

Situated midway between New England and the southern colonies, Philadelphia became the capital of the American Revolution as representatives gathered for the First and Second Continental Congresses. When the delegates to Congress declared independence from Great Britain on July 2, 1776, they also secured Philadelphia’s enduring place in American history. In military action as well as politics, the New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware stood at the crossroads of revolution.

Following the War for Independence, population growth outside the city of Philadelphia led to the designation of new counties in Pennsylvania, including Montgomery (created in 1784, from a portion of Philadelphia County) and Delaware (created in 1789, from a portion of Chester).

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